Mika is Moving More with Glyde

25/01/21 7:15 PM

We love when our veterinarians tell us about the success they see in Glyde® Mobility Chews with their own dogs. Check out these great results in Mika, a local veterinarian's own #GlydeDog! 

"My furry child, Mika, is a 5-years-old Terrier mix, and has hip dysplasia. She had to have cruciate ligament surgery. Due to this, her mobility has suffered and it has been very difficult to see her struggle to perform tasks that most dogs should be able to do."

Mika has now been on Glyde® Chews for the last 6 months and I almost instantly noticed the difference. Not only does she appear to be more comfortable but I have noticed a big improvement in her overall mobility. Thank you, Glyde!"

- Julie Rihani, Guildford Veterinary Hospital, Australia

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