Wilson the Greyhound's Mum: I Highly Recommend Glyde!

9/03/21 8:31 PM

We enjoyed hearing from Natasha about her adorable beachy fur-baby Wilson. He is a retired greyhound, which means he has been active during his young life. We recently highlighted greyhounds and their high risk for arthritis, especially those racing greyhounds.

Now, thanks to his fur-mum, he was introduced to Glyde® Mobility Chews, and it’s made a huge difference for their family. We are so pleased Wilson is now a #GlydeDog enjoying walks on the beach and playing with his sisters in his retirement.

Here’s what Natasha said about Glyde and her dog:

“Wilson is my 6-year-old retired greyhound. I have been using the Glyde chews for about a month now and have noticed a massive difference.

Before especially since it’s colder weather, he took a bit longer to get out of bed and didn’t want to play as much with his two sisters. But now, since being on the Glyde he’s playing a lot more and doing zoomies again!"

"I highly recommend this product.”

— Natasha, Wilson’s dog mum


The good news about greyhounds is they are overall very healthy dogs. However, they do get certain health problems such as:

  • Canine Hip & Elbow Dysplasia. Greyhounds rely on their speed and body, but just as athletes can injure themselves, so can the graceful greyhound.  
  • Osteoarthritis, or arthritis. Greyhounds can get arthritis and are at high risk because they are so athletic and spend much of their time racing. It is important to make regular assessments of your dog’s mobility. It is always a good idea to use joint supplements for greyhounds as a preventative measure to keep their joints in good health for as long as possible.

Arthritis is as painful for dogs as it is for humans. And just like humans, there is something you can do about it. Learn more about arthritis in dogs and check out all the risk factors.


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