14 Things Only Cat Lovers Will Understand

June 5, 2018

Bad cat I love you!It's Pet Appreciation Week! The week of June 4-10 is celebrated as a time to appreciate your pets. As a tribute, we’ve collected a few things about our furry friends only a true cat lovers will understand. This info was unofficially compiled by the pet lovers at Parnell through their own experiences.

14 things you understand if you are a cat loveR

  1. I moved my couch and found 10 lost mice toys under there.
  2. Tissue, toilet paper, clean, dirty, no matter: it’s shredded.
  3. Waking up to find all of my stuff is knocked off my night stand AND the dresser.
  4. Finding a hidden nest of hair bands under my bed.
  5. At any point, my cat will reenact a scene from “Mission Impossible.”
  6. Cat hair everywhere. “My favorite accessory is cat hair, because it’s on everything I own.”
  7. I bought my cat this fancy cat climbing house and he only wants to play with the box.
  8. How every time I start to pack for a trip, my cat always decides to lay in my suitcase.
  9. Cat coin-flip: relaxing cat position lying on their back is an opportunity to scratch their belly or for the cat to scratch my hands up.
  10. The joy of finding your favorite (fill in the blank) chewed up.
  11. I can’t use the sink and because the cat is hiding in it.
  12. Cat: 10; leather furniture: 0. “This is why we can’t have nice things because you scratch it up!”
  13. It’s 2 AM and the cats go crazy and you end up with a cat chase in your bed.
  14. How it is hard to wake up grumpy with a cat licking your face.


So how will you show appreciation for your pets? Whatever you do, enjoy those adorable fur-babies and the joy they bring to your life! Love dogs as well? Here's the dog version of this blog post.