14 Things Only Dog Lovers Will Understand

June 5, 2018

Bad dog we love youIt's Pet Appreciation Week! The week of June 4-10 is celebrated as a time to appreciate your pets. As a tribute, we’ve collected a few things about our furry friends only a true dog lovers will understand. This info was unofficially compiled by the pet lovers at Parnell through their own experiences.

14 things you understand if you are a dog lover 

  1. The squeaker must die! Plus the toy, and the dog bed, and all the foam must be removed.
  2. Tissue, toilet paper, clean, dirty, no matter: it’s shredded.
  3. Finding the dog’s tickle spot as they kick uncontrollably is always funny.
  4. The rear to feet ratio: distance between the dog’s rear end and your feet when relaxing. Mine is 0 inches; dog booty must touch my feet.
  5. Dog hair everywhere. “My favorite accessory is dog hair, because it’s on everything I own.”
  6. My kids don’t care if I come home, but the dog does! “Here comes the queen!”
  7. The anxiety a suitcase causes for our dog when you start to pack for the trip and the suitcase causes anxiety for the dog.
  8. A built-in vacuum cleaner: food dropped will always be picked up by the dog.
  9. The dog never finds anything smelly until after you give a bath, then it’s time to roll in stink!
  10. The joy of finding your favorite (fill in the blank) chewed up.
  11. Your dog wanting you to take the toy to throw it, but won’t let go, won’t let go, won’t let go. Then thrashes it!
  12. The bed no longer belongs just to you because the dog needs space too.
  13. It’s 2 AM and the dog is sleep racing in the middle of the night chasing squirrels.
  14. How hard it is to wake up grumpy with a dog licking your face. 


So how will you show appreciation for your dog? Whatever you do, enjoy those adorable fur-babies and the joy they bring to your life! Love cats too? Here's the cat version of this blog post. 


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