Glyde Helps Jack's Shoulder

June 9, 2020

Dogs are just like us: they have shoulder pain and joint pain, just as humans do. The difference between us and them is they cannot tell us they are in pain. We need to look for the signs. 

We were so pleased to see how Jack's mom, Karla, reacted to noticeable changes in her dog's demeanor. She knew her dog who loved catching a Frisbee was getting older, but not too old to still get all he could out of life. She tried Glyde™ Mobility Chews for dogs, and the rest is history! Here's their story on how Jack is jumping again! 

Jack the Labrador Retriever

"Jack is a 8.5-year-old black Labrador and has been on Glyde for approximately 8 months. Prior to using Glyde, he would have pain in his shoulder very early into a walk and seemed very stiff when waking up in the mornings. After using Glyde for 6 weeks, I noticed a big improvement in his overall demeanor. He is now able to walk up to 10 miles again with no issues! He also LOVES the chews and thinks they are treats!"

— Karla, Jack's Mom


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