Golden Retriever's Mobility Returns with Glyde

October 5, 2022

“I’m not crying. You’re crying!”

We have all heard that popular quote with something that tugs at our emotions. This one did it for us. We received this testimonial from Mary. We had no idea that Gracie, this beautiful Golden Retriever was struggling so much with her arthritis. We know many dogs suffer from arthritis pain, but Mary’s story about her dog was extraordinary. Mary found Glyde and she couldn’t be happier with the results. Her story brought tears to our eyes!

Thanks so much to Mary for this heart-warming story about how her dog is doing now that she found Glyde Mobility Chews for Dogs. We are so happy Gracie the Golden Retriever is a #GlydeDog now!

Here's what Mary said about her dog, Gracie and Glyde:

"My Gracie is a Golden Retriever that just celebrated her 14th birthday last month. She suffers terribly with osteoarthritis and was to the point where I had to physically help her up off the floor and support her to walk even the shortest of trips out to potty. Her back legs were always giving out and causing her to fall. I was so afraid she was going to break her hip and watching her struggling was breaking my heart to pieces.

I have tried so many different things from CBD, hemp oil, and even prescriptions and nothing helped. She also suffers from kidney disease, so I hated doing any prescriptions.

I ordered the Glyde chews and she started on them last week. I do have to cut them up because they are very dense and she has trouble with chewing them, but it’s not a problem. When we started with Glyde, I, of course, think to myself I will have to wait several weeks only to be disappointed once again…

Within 2 DAYS my Gracie was getting up on her own with little effort, walking herself out the door and down a few porch steps to the yard to potty! THEN she started rolling around on her back in the grass and loving it like she used to do years ago! She now actually has a skip in her step and has her infamous Golden sway back when she walks. I cried seeing her act this way."

Mary, Dog Mum to Gracie


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