GSD Zac Used Glyde to Prevent Arthritis & Stay Active [VIDEO]

August 11, 2021

We were so happy to receive this testimonial about Zac, a beautiful German Shepherd dog (GSD). Ana is Zac's mum and regularly brings her GSD to a veterinary clinic at in Australia. Ana knew her GSD would have joint problems in his future. She was very familiar with arthritis in dogs, especially in GSDs, being a long-time owner of German Shepherds.

As a preventative measure, she started Glyde™ Mobility Chews to her Zac as early as one year old. Now at 6 years old, Zac is stil very mobile, active and HAPPY! We are so glad to see this wonderful video from Ana staring her lovely GSD, Zac. In Ana's words, Zac is simply, " his best life!" We loved seeing it for our own eyes. Thanks for being a #GlydeDog, Zac!

Be sure to check out the video! 

Zac Loves his glyde

“This is my German Shepherd, Zac and he is 14-years-old, but you wouldn’t know it because he is still very active and leaving his best life thanks to his Glyde Chews.

Our veterinarian recommended Glyde for Zac since he was 1-year-old to help protect his joints as he has a higher chance to develop osteoarthritis being a large breed dog. People often can’t believe his age because his mobility is still very good, but I do honestly believe it’s because we started him on Glyde so early on in his life.

In the odd occasion when I have run out of his Glyde Chews, I can tell the difference within a few days. He struggles more, is a lot slower at getting up and refuses to play. As soon as we start back on Glyde and Zydax, he’s back to being happy and playful again!”

— Ana, Zac's Mom

Be sure to check out this great video Ana & Zac did for us! We loved it! Thank you, Ana!

Testimonial Video  Zac  With Original Audio

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