Jada’s Active Again

June 24, 2019

Pets at work

We always love hearing from our veterinary clinics about our product, Glyde™ Mobility Chews. These folks, like Deanna, are in the trenches of animal health. They understand what makes a difference and how the benefit should equate the cost of investment and time. We were happy to hear that after Deanna had gone through several treatment options, she saw a difference with Glyde. Here is their story about how her beautiful fur-baby became a #GlydeDog, and the results it gave their family.

“Jada is 12-years young and a beautiful reverse brindle Pitbull. At around 10 years of age, Jada began having some pretty serious mobility issues. By mobility I mean, walking very slowly and could not get up without my assistance. The thing that impacted me the most was that she could no longer go on walks. Jada loved walks!

I tried [three different brands of mobility supplements] as well as prescription pain and anti-inflammatory medication. Most of these products were reasonably expensive and the cost far outweighed the benefit!

Since starting Jada on Glyde, she has become like a young dog again! She, much to my amazement, started getting up on her own and running around the backyard with my 1-year-old Pitbull puppy! Most of all, Jada is now able to take walks again!!!! Glyde has done an amazing job at making Jada comfortable and active again!

I highly recommend that owners of senior animals or any animal with a joint or mobility issue give Glyde a try! It is an amazing, all-natural product that really works!”

– Deanna, Medallion Animal Clinic, Tx


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