Jimi's Joints Are Protected with Glyde

September 30, 2020

We love hearing from our veterinary clinic technicians! They are on the front line of our services for our dogs and see everything we are dealing with. As she knew the statistics of arthritis in dogs and the age it usually begins to show. We were pleased to hear how Bonnie took a proactive stance on caring for her Jimi's joints. Plus, this story came with a bonus because of the adorable photos. Bonnie decided to try Glyde after seeing the remarkable results with other pets in their clinic. We present another #GlydeDog story!


Bonnie intended Glyde to be used as a preventative treatment for her dog. At age 6, Jimi is at a perfect time to start Glyde™ Mobility Chews: young enough that he has not had mobility issues yet, but still old enough to thwart off future damage before it starts. We were excited to hear from Bonnie and see these adorable photos of Jimi with his Glyde Frisbee!

Here are some interesting statistics to remember:

  • 80% of dogs will have arthritis by age 8 and over.
  • 20% of dogs will have arthritis by age 1. 

Arthritis in joints is sometimes misinterpreted as "getting old." If you treat the problem, and protect the joints, your dog will have better odds of a happy, active life.

Now here is what Bonnie said: 

“Jimi is a 6-year-old Labrador cross cattle dog who loves jumping and playing. I knew Glyde did great things for his joints and body based on what I have seen with other pets in our clinic who tried this product. While I feel he’s still young, I wanted to be proactive and protect his joints before something happened. My plan is to keep him on Glyde Mobility Chews so that he can continue his fun outlook on life and continue playing for a long time to come.”



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