Luna & Nagini Avoid Surgery Thanks to Glyde

September 24, 2019

We recently heard from one of our long-time customers about the impact Glyde™ Mobility Chews has had on their lives at their home in Texas. They have two beautiful dogs and they were dealing with something many pet parents deal with: joint injuries. As most of us agree our dogs are part of the family, they consulted with a veterinarian about their options. They are thankful Glyde was able to give them some options. Mainly, not to have painful surgeries on their dogs. Here is their story about their two adorable #GlydeDogs.

Luna Loves Glyde!

"We have two dogs, both of whom we literally rescued from the street. Luna is a 35-pound Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Japanese Chin. Luna started limping about a year or two after we'd had her. Apparently, she has a partially torn meniscus on one of her back legs. At the time, our veterinarian, Dr. Post at Pearland Pet Health Center in Pearland, TX, USA, suggested we give her Glyde Mobility Chews for Dogs. After giving her Glyde for a couple of weeks (make sure to follow the instructions as in the beginning, you actually give them more for maybe 4-6 weeks to get boost the levels in their bodies), we noticed a significant difference. At that point, we put our other dog on Glyde, too.

I'm not sure how much longer it was — months maybe — Luna began limping again. But this time, it was her other back leg. Dr. Post had the same diagnosis: torn meniscus in that leg, too.

“His advice? Keep giving her Glyde. That was probably about 4 years ago, and she has never had to have surgery.”

On top of that, there might be times if she runs too hard or turns the wrong way when playing that she might limp for a while after that, but within 24 hours, she's back to her normal self. Sometimes when that happens, we'll give her a double dose of Glyde. 

In June this year, we took our other dog, Nagini, a 90-pound Great Dane/Labrador mix to Dr. Post because he was limping. Turns out it was an inflamed tendon. Can you guess his advice this time? Keep giving him the Glyde, maybe double-up his dose for a few days. He's back to normal, although after hard runs and play, his back leg might shake a little, but he's fine.

Nagini Loves Glyde too!

All this to say that while Glyde may seem expensive at first, it is nowhere near how much three different surgeries would cost, not to mention what it puts our animals through in the healing process. We would rather take a preventative approach. And thankfully, so far, Glyde has helped us do that.

Soon, we'll be giving Glyde to our cats!

We have one more compliment: their customer service. Within the last year, we had an issue with one of our orders. The seal on our jar was broken. All they requested was taking and emailing a few pictures of the box and the broken seal and label. We didn’t have to return it. They immediately shipped a new one.

They're a great team, with a magic product, and I would testify it's some sort of healing chew. If my husband and I could take it for aches and pains, we'd order it for ourselves!
(I want credit for that idea. 😉)

“Thank you, Parnell, for this product. It's brilliant.”

— Angie and Lonnie 


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