Maggie Moves More with Glyde

February 10, 2020


When we received this great story, we really loved the photo. Alana told us about her dog, Maggie. When we saw this photo, it really made us all smile. Look at this beautiful, active dog! You know when you look at her that Maggie is a #GlydeDog! We are so happy to hear how Glyde® Mobility Chews helped their family. 

Here’s their story:

“Maggie is our 9-year-old Hungarian Vizsla. As a younger dog, we did some agility training and she has spent her life on our acreage being a very active dog. After several falls off the quad bike, Maggie became more of a couch potato and less keen to come outside. Maggie’s been having the Glyde chews for nearly a month now and she is far more active and boisterous than she’s been for a long time. We have used (another product) previously with good results but she seems happier and more full of energy on the Glyde chews.”


— Alana




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