Pugs Need Glyde Too

February 8, 2022

February is the month of love. And we all love our fur-babies. We had to use this testimonial from Fran this month because she sent us the cutest Valentine photo of her fur-babies. Fran loves her pugs and she has 3 that are currently on Glyde® Mobility Chews for dogs. Fran found us through her veterinarian clinic where she works as a veterinary nurse. Her clinic treats all kinds of ailments for dogs (and cats) so it's great when they notice the difference Glyde makes in their own dogs and clients. Here is what Fran shared about us regarding her #GlydeDogs!

While many people think joint problems can occur only in larger dogs, joint issues affect smaller dogs too. Overall, for a great quality of life for our dogs, its always best to help them lead the most active lives they can. Fran saw that one do in particular was having some mobility problems. Here is what she had to say: 

frans 3 pugs

"My three pugs are 10, 7 and 7. I have seen a significant improvement in them since adding Glyde to their diet, especially in Gracie Bell. She's one of my 7-year-olds. She had started to have difficulty jumping up and when we noticed, it was a radical change and we knew it needed addressing. The other two are also on Glyde and they have a definite new spring in their steps too. I saw the difference within a few weeks of starting Glyde. So thank you! I am now a committed Glyde mom for the benefit of my adorable dogs."

— Fran

Thanks Fran for being a #GlydeDog Mum!

Do you know the signs to look for when it comes to mobility issues such as arthritis in dogs? Take the quiz to test your dog's mobility. Click the link here or the banner below. 


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