Sir-tainly Works for Cats

December 5, 2018

It Sir-tainly Works

We love hearing from veterinary technicians and nurses working in veterinary clinics. They work directly with veterinarians, clients, and their pets for a true understanding of healthy dogs and cats. Glyde® Mobility Chews for Cats is made especially for our feline friends to help with their mobility and cats love the taste. Here is a story from Sarah, who was able to see results for Sir.

Glyde® Mobility Chews for Cats is made for our feline friends. Glyde is unlike some products which simply repackage the dog product and market it for cats. There is a change in the flavoring of the product to be sure cats – who are often finicky – enjoy the taste of Glyde. Here is a story from Sarah about her cat, Sir.

"My cat, Sir, has had chronic problems with his paws since he was a year of age. Watching him walk at times was difficult to watch. He was very tentative about stairs and jumping on and off of his cube.

As a licensed technician, I'm always looking for better solutions to help Sir and have been giving him Glyde feline supplements. I saw incredible results almost immediately. The combination of glucosamine and chondroitin with high level fatty acids from the green-lipped mussel has had better results for him than any other product I have tried in the past. He LOVES the way it tastes. He thinks it’s a treat! I know it’s good for him. I've seen improvement in his overall appearance as well.

Thank you to Parnell Labs for this life-changing product! "Sir" thanks you as well.

 – Sarah


Did you know Glyde™ Mobility Chews is now available for cats too? Parnell is excited about this extension of the Glyde line, which was developed specifically for cats. It comes in a smaller size, more suitable for cat-sized mouths. It has improved flavoring that is made especially with cats in mind, and of course all the right portions of the key ingredients that make this product so powerful.


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