Synchronization Protocol Compliance Just got Easier

Apr 15, 2020

Since launching in 2015, Parnell has recognized that compliance is the most critical element of synchronization protocols and reproductive success of a dairy. To simplify product identification and compliance on-farm, Parnell is introducing new estroPLAN (PG) packaging in April 2020.

New Estroplan

"The blue label GONAbreed (GnRH) was very well received by the global dairy industry when unveiled in 2017," said Leo Avendano, Senior V.P. of Manufacturing. "We have extended the same styling to the partner brand, estroPLAN, which will now feature a solid red label, box and flip-off cap to help aid in protocol compliance.

"We have been working hard on educating our customers and the dairy industry on the importance of compliance," st

ated Nick Iles, Senior V.P. of Production Animal, "Now, GONAbreed and estroPLAN fully align with our Blue Cow Red Cow branding. The distinct labels, paired with Parnell's support tools, will make a dairy's protocol compliance easier than ever before."

Compliance depends on what Parnell refers to as the "5 Rights"— the right treatment, in the right dose, with the right administration, to the right cow, at the right time. A dairy must adhere to the 5 Rights to achieve the best synchronization and fertility outcomes.  

Product Portfolio

Distinct color-coded labeling and treatment administration tools are a pillar to the Blue Cow Red Cow program and ensure the right treatment and the right doses are given. To achieve the other "Rights" of compliance, Parnell employs mySYNCH.

mySYNCH is Parnell's digital application that converts your fertility data into decision support. Through mySYNCH, a dairy can build a custom protocol poster to establish the right time for treatments. It is also where a dairy can access fertility training videos that explain the physiology, science and administration associated with synchronization protocols.  These videos are available in English and Spanish and soon Portuguese.

By updating estroPLAN labeling and providing mySYNCH to producers, Parnell helps herd reach the optimal compliance for protocols so dairies can achieve the best reproductive performance possible.

Parnell's GONAbreed and estroPLAN are available for purchase through any major distributor, or by requesting it from your veterinarian.

For any additional information about Parnell products, or mySYNCH, please contact your local Parnell representative. Or you contact us here.


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