Luna Loves Glyde

4/10/22 8:40 PM

We were glad to hear how Glyde© Mobility Chews has helped Luna, an adorable miniature fox terrier. Often people think their dogs do not need mobility help if they are a smaller breed dog. Sadly, any breed can have joint problems and arthritis in dogs is not just a large dog health problem. Small dogs can have arthritis too. Such was the case when Amy, Luna's dog mum noticed her little Luna was struggling with mobility issues. Thankfully, her veterinarian recognised the issue and recommended Glyde. The good news is not only do they help Luna's joints, but Luna thinks they are a yummy treat. 



Fox terriers are one of the best breeds out there. And, like most terriers, they are very active. This is why it is important to keep their joints healthy. Check out our blog on Terriers and learn all about this breed. 

Here is what Amy said about Luna: 

"I have a 9-year-old miniature fox terrier and just started her on Glyde this year. We had noticed that she was reluctant to jump onto the couch and started to struggle a little with stairs. We had not tried any supplements before but our veterinarian gave us a sample of the Glyde chews and Luna loved them! We have added it to her diet and she no longer struggles with stairs and navigates the couch with ease. Thank you, Glyde!"


Remember, just as humans age every year, so do our beloved dogs. Stiff joints are as painful for dogs as they are for humans. And size does not matter! It can happen with little dogs and large dogs alike. The good news is that with Glyde Mobility Chews, you can help their mobility. Glyde will give them the nutrients they need to be more active, plus your dog thinks it's a treat.

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