Glyde Helps Zip Walk 6 Miles a Day!

March 28, 2022

We have so many wonderful dogs and pet parents in our #GlydeDog pack! One day, we were lucky enough to chat with a relatively new customer, Cathy, when she called. We helped her with her request, and then she proceeded to tell us how much of a difference Glyde has made for her adorable dog, Zippora. When we receive testimonials like this, it warms our hearts like no other. Cathy is a very active person, working with horses. She always has Zippora by her side during her time out with the horses. When she noticed Zippora was slowing down, she researched how to help and found us! Now, she's a subscriber of Glyde™ Mobility Chews for Dogs and she never misses an order. Here's what Cathy told us about her #GlydeDog!


"Zippora is a Kelpie, Australian shepherd, blue heeler, corgi boarder collie mix; who is 12-1/2 years young! I have walked her daily for years. We usually go between 4-6 miles first thing in the morning.

Because of Glyde we still can walk at her age and she also has arthritis in her joints that before Glyde we could not walk at all. I am a horse teacher of both horses and riders, so Zippora spends a lot of time with me outdoors. Thanks to Glyde she can walk and assist with other chores without any pain.

Glyde has been a God send to our family!

Thank you for making such a wonderful product. I truly had tried many top competitor brands and nothing worked. Being in the animal health line of work, I thought I knew what to try. Then I found Glyde and we are never going back to other brands.

Plus not only that, I ONLY like to support product lines that the company cares about their clients! Glyde has been that since day one! Thanks Glyde team for all you do and HOW you have a heart for both the owners and the animals both!"

— Cathy, Zippora's Mom

We love receiving wonderful notes like these from Cathy and our #GlydeDog family! Thanks so much for taking time to send this in, Cathy! We also recently wrote about Australian Shepherds! Check it out now!


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